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Southern Gospel Delmarva would like to share your cares and concerns with other listeners. Send us your prayer request, celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, new births, and the celebration of your new life in the Lord. Any or all of these things can be shared.

How does this work?  You can email your prayer requests or other cares or concerns to, or go to our
contact us page.

Periodically all information received will be broadcast in the course of each day. First names only and country of origin of the request will be used. You can also request to be anonymous.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Delmarva Gospel Music Association Announces 2022 Gospel Concerts

The Delmarva Gospel Music Association (DGMA) has announced upcoming concerts for the year 2022 as follows:


Friday, April 8, Greenwood Mennonite School, Greenwood, DE


Friday, June 10, Greenwood Mennonite School, Greenwood, DE

Saturday, August 27, Greenwood Mennonite School, Greenwood, DE


Friday, October 14, Greenwood Mennonite School, Greenwood, DE


Thursday, Dec. 1, Greenwood Mennonite School, Greenwood, DE

All concerts begin at 6:00 PM, doors open 5:00 PM.

Additional information is available at the DGMA website,

Touching hearts, Sending comfort, Praising God

Southern Gospel Delmarva Listed on Radio Row 

Southern Gospel Delmarva Internet Radio has been listed by RadioRow ( in its spiritual radio station list of best stations.  Stations listed on the RadioRow website are nominated by listeners and must meet the RadioRow fundamentals to be posted on the list.  RadioRow states on its website that “Only the best spiritual radio stations make our RadioRow listing”.  Thank you Southern Gospel Delmarva listeners!  To God be all glory.

Southern Gospel Delmarva Produces Programs On YouTube 


Southern Gospel Delmarva Internet Radio is now producing periodic programming on our YouTube channel.  Programs consist of interviews with local southern gospel talent and of course good ole' southern gospel music.  Past programs can be seen on theSouthern Gospel Delmarva YouTube channel.

Southern Gospel Delmarva Internet Radio is a Faith Based and Veteran Owned Ministry.

Southern Gospel Delmarva On Roku TV

You can now listen to Southern Gospel Delmarva on your TV with Roku.  You can find Southern Gospel Delmarva Channel by going to search on your Roku player and type in "Southern Gospel of Delmarva". You can then read the narrative, go to the channel, save the channel, view the screenshots, and/or rate the Southern Gospel Delmarva channel.  There is no subscription fee for the Southern Gospel Delmarva channel on Roku. As always, thank you for listening.

Reaching the world with Southern Gospel Music from the Delmarva Peninsula, USA.

Touching hearts, Sending comfort, and Praising God.

To listen to Southern Gospel Delmarva on your phone go to the browser of choice on your phone and type in  

This web page will appear.  Click on Listen Now and enjoy.

Internet Radio and Roku Channel

Do You Have Amazon Alexa?

If you have Alexa, you have Southern Gospel Delmarva!  Here's how.

1.  First, Tell Alexa: "Alexa, Enable Live365 Skill".  This should only have to be done one time.

2.  Each time after that say:  "Alexa, Play Live365" and then "Alexa, Play Southern Gospel Delmarva".

"That's it.  Another great way to listen to Southern Gospel Delmarva. 

Note that Live365" is pronounced "live three sixty-five".